Ifss you or a family member has been seriously injured in a car accident owing to the fault of another driver, you have legal options to get the medical care and financial recovery you deserve to help you move forward.

However, the insurance industry will make it extremely difficult for you to receive recovery on your own following a motor vehicle wreck or collision. They are looking out for their own best interests, which may involve denial and delay or a quick, cheap settlement that does not adequately compensate you.

You need an experienced car accident lawyer who understands how to deal with these issues to advocate on your behalf. At the Seattle, Washington, law office of Scott M. Donaldson, P.S., our legal practice is focused exclusively on representing individuals injured in serious motor vehicle accidents. Contact our North Lake Washington law office today for skilled legal representation from a trusted, knowledgeable attorney who will give you and your case the attention you deserve.

Are you having difficulty getting the medical care you need? Has your insurance company stopped paying your medical bills? Are you having a hard time paying your rent or mortgage because your injury has put you out of work? We can help you find the answers to these problems. Attorney Donaldson has spent over 25 years successfully advocating on behalf of clients in negotiations, arbitration, mediation, and trial.

Our knowledge of the legal system, the insurance industry, and our familiarity with the medical issues involved in these cases has enabled us to effectively achieve maximized settlements for numerous serious auto crash victims. We have represented individuals suffering serious head, back, and neck injuries, as well as the families of fatal car accident victims.

We have working relationships with a network of excellent doctors. We can help you get the medical care you need and work diligently to ensure that this and other losses are covered, either by Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance or medical insurance, while we work to resolve your case.

This is likely the first time you have been involved in a serious accident case, but it is not ours. Trust our extensive experience and legal knowledge regarding these cases to work on your behalf. Contact us today to discuss how your car accident has affected your life, your family, and your ability to earn a living. Our office is located on the north end of Lake Washington on Bothell Way in downtown Kenmore. All car accident cases are handled on a contingency basis. You do not pay unless we recover a settlement for you.

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